Custom Blow Molding

Customized solutions are critical to unique appearance, form, function and efficient production. Scandia Plastics offers its customers many years of quality experience of providing solutions to custom blow molded needs. We help customers through the manufacturing process from product development through production, and provide solutions concerning design, prototyping, product performance, as well as cost management and sustainability.

Custom Containers

Scandia Plastic’s experience in custom packaging solutions includes production of wide ranges of bottle and wide-mouth containers. We understand the product requirements of our customers, and work with them to achieve their desired product while utilizing efficient manufacturing and best design techniques.

Medical Containers

The medical field necessitates stringent regulatory controls and meticulous documentation. We at Scandia understand this and are experienced in the validation procedures and manufacturing requirements required of our medical customers.

Industrial Parts

Scandia Plastics industrial part production encompasses a wide range of products serving a variety of customers, including lawn and garden, small engine, and recreational sport vehicles. Our secondary operations capabilities allow us to add many custom features to your products.